Monday, April 7, 2008

The Great White

This is some high quality video of great white sharks doing what they do best. Looking super freaky!

Shark Attacks And Destroy's A Sea Turtle!

In this clip a huge tiger shark attacks a helpless sea turtle and totally destroys it!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Girl Is Attacked By Great White Shark

Girl is attacked by great white shark and it rips off here leg!

Prehistoric Shark Found Alive-80 million years old

This is not the prettiest animal for sure but the fact that it dates back 80 million years is truly amazing!

Giant Octopus VS Shark- May The Best Killer Win!

What happens when a shark and giant octopus square off? You might be surprised, I know I was!

Amazing Shark Video

Though short, this is one of the most impressive attacks I have seen caught on film!

Shark Attacks Human, Shreds Leg!

If you are not ready to or do not want to see a shark bite into a humans leg, I would recommend against watching this video. This is totally gruesome and the guys leg doesn't look like a leg anymore! You have been warned!